4th National Convention of Civil Aviation Union

2016 December 9, NETWON affiliated loktantrik union ( Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Democratic Employees Union ) held it's 4th National convention grandly.

2nd National Convention of Tourism Union

NETWON affiliated union, Nepal Tourism Workers Union, has held its 2nd National convention successfully on 30thJuly 2016


NETWON organized programs part of the ITF action week - 2016 like rally , gate meeting , distributed leaflets etc. for road accident minimization , social security and problems faced by E-rikshaw.

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  • 2nd National Convention of Tourism Union:

    NETWON affiliated union, Nepal Tourism Workers Union, has held its 2nd National convention successfully on 30thJuly 2016. The convention again on the presidency of Bro Dipendra Pandey, unanimously elected the 23 member working committee .A total of 207 delegates participated in the convention consisting majority from Trekking Guide, City Tour Guide and Rafting sector. At first during the opening session of the convention Chief guest , Nepali congress Executive member and Member of Parliament Bro. Badri Pandey said that Nepali Congress is always ready to  solve the problems of tourism workers. Likewise the special guest Mr. Puskar Acharya , Member of Parliament Ensured that he is always with the Tourism Workers for solving their problem. Also NETWON president Ajay kumar Rai said that  the Tourism convention looked much similar now as it was on 2009 when he held 2 days Trade Union  educational program with Bro. Sangam Tripathi. He also added that Nepal Tourism workers Union was registered in Labour department on 2010 and now seeing more than 200 delegates in the convention has made NETWON even more proud. He also stated that the Union will expand even more in coming days.Also during the opening session Nepal Trade Union Congress General Secretary Mahendra Yadav, president from Tourism Employers Association ( NIT Nepal ) Bro  Dipak Mahat gave their wishes for the success of convention. The Good wishing audio message ( through Whatsapp ) sent by ITF Delhi office Chief Bro Sangam Tripathi was presented among the members  during the opening session as well , the message added the energy among the delegates.

    Afterward during closing session the draft from the General Secretary and Treasurer was presented. Some discussion were made on the draft and were later passed with some amendments.

    Following issues had been discussed in the close session :

    • # The salaries of Tourism workers were not increased despite of the agreements between with TAAN ( Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal ) and NMA ( Nepal Mountaineering Association ).
    • # The occupation on this sector is seasonal and Informal so the discussion will be done on making them formal.
    • # The occupation is not guaranteed and there is still the Hiring and firing of employees, hence discussion about its management will be done
    • # Discussion regarding the increment in tourism business after the Earthquake.
    • # Since the Job is risky in this sector, compulsory insurance of the employees is to be implemented.
    • # Implementation Social Security scheme to Tourism Workers .

    At the end of the closing session president Bro Dipedra Pandey announced the dissolving of previous working committee and formed 3 members election commission. He gave the responsibilities of electing new working committee to the new election commission. Hence the election commission undergoing all the procedure elected the new 23 member working committee under presidency of Bro Dipendra Pandey.The election commission made the new working committee take a oath according to union constitution.The main slogan of the convention was "No Trekking without Guides and Porters" and "Social Security Scheme to Tourism Worker".




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