4th National Convention of Civil Aviation Union

2016 December 9, NETWON affiliated loktantrik union ( Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Democratic Employees Union ) held it's 4th National convention grandly.

2nd National Convention of Tourism Union

NETWON affiliated union, Nepal Tourism Workers Union, has held its 2nd National convention successfully on 30thJuly 2016


NETWON organized programs part of the ITF action week - 2016 like rally , gate meeting , distributed leaflets etc. for road accident minimization , social security and problems faced by E-rikshaw.

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  • WSM Project (Transport Workers welfare fund):

    The ITF affiliated unions are conducting programmes on this convention all over the world . Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh is also organizing various programme like blood donation programme, Taxi fillies bus park cleaning, gate meetings etc to create awareness since 1998 . The awareness campaign include the issues like guarantee of fixed working hour for drivers as per the international laws, guarantee of rest


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