4th National Convention of Civil Aviation Union

2016 December 9, NETWON affiliated loktantrik union ( Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Democratic Employees Union ) held it's 4th National convention grandly.

2nd National Convention of Tourism Union

NETWON affiliated union, Nepal Tourism Workers Union, has held its 2nd National convention successfully on 30thJuly 2016


NETWON organized programs part of the ITF action week - 2016 like rally , gate meeting , distributed leaflets etc. for road accident minimization , social security and problems faced by E-rikshaw.


  • With an ideal that guarantee of trade union rights can bring transformation in workers life Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh (NETWON), a trade union organization of all transport and transport associated workers was formed in 1990 and registered in he department of labour with regd. No. 22 to represent all the transport and transport associated workers. The transport sector is the basic infrasturucture of development and transport workers are synonyms of the country's development. The social, economic and political promotion of workers is the aim of Nepal Ytayat Mazdoor Sangh. Therefore, Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh has established itself as a representative organization of transport and transport associated workers. Ity has also expanded its' national and international relations focusing on the welfare or the workers. This organization has accomplished its fourth National Congress in 2008.
    1. To promote rights and interests of transport and transport associated workers.
    2. To conduct programmes supportive to promote social, economic and political standard of transport and transport associated workers and their family members.
    3. To expand mutual cooperation through establishing relations with national and international labour organizations with similar objectives. 
    4. To organize and unite workers dispersed in various sectors of transport.
    5. To represent workers in the policy making and implementing level.
    6. To Continue activities for development and promotion for transport sector.
    7. To take initiatives for compulsory insurance for the transport workers and their family members.
    8. To establish welfare fund for transport workers and their family members.
    9. To contribute to expand organizing and to evaluated the constitution of active and genuine workers.
    10. To pressurize the concerned authority for social security fund for transport workers.

    To ensure labour rights thought promoting of workers' living standard.

    To bring significant changes in the life of transport workers committed top human rights and democracy through joint work with all the transport workers and en: Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh is affiliated with Nepal Trade Union Congress - I sure trade union rights for all

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