4th National Convention of Civil Aviation Union

2016 December 9, NETWON affiliated loktantrik union ( Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Democratic Employees Union ) held it's 4th National convention grandly.

2nd National Convention of Tourism Union

NETWON affiliated union, Nepal Tourism Workers Union, has held its 2nd National convention successfully on 30thJuly 2016


NETWON organized programs part of the ITF action week - 2016 like rally , gate meeting , distributed leaflets etc. for road accident minimization , social security and problems faced by E-rikshaw.

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  • Awareness against HIV/AIDS:

    Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh organized a 2-day seminar in coordination of ITF on 2005 in Kathmandu, It also conducted after 6 months peer educator training programme for 20 participants all over the nation. The friend teachers are the trainers to create awareness throughout the nation. <more....>

  •  WSM Project (Transport Workers welfare fund):

    A project named welfare fund for union members in technical cooperation of WSM, the international organization is being operated since 2009. The project was implemented for the first time in Tourism Airport Unit in Kathmandu district. <more....>

  •  ITF Road Transport Action Week (ILO Convention No.153)

    The ITF affiliated unions are conducting programmes on this convention all over the world . Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh is also organizing various programme like blood donation programme, Taxi fillies bus park cleaning, gate meetings etc to create awareness since 1998 . The awareness campaign include the issues like guarantee of fixed working hour for drivers as per the international laws, guarantee of rest <more....>

  •  International Women's Day (March8)

    The national level women department of the union has been actively taking part in the March 8 programmes organized by confederation. This department has been organizing three wheelers women drivers in the Kathmandu valley . <more....>

  •  Awareness Programme against Human Trafficking:

    Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh organized field visits to the bordering towns of Kakarvitta, Biratnagar, Bhairahawa and Nepalgunj on 2004 , set up its local offices and appointed an inspector for investigation over border crossing people. In that course, many suspects were captured and entrusted to the local police. <more....>

  •  Trade Union Education:

    The overall organizational structure of Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh was developed with trhe help of ITF trade union education. After being affiliated with ITF in 1993, the Sangh conducted Trainers Training Programme on 1997 in Pokhara. Then the Sangh started trade union education campaign and organizing throughout the nation. Trade union education is the fundamental of the today's organization. <more....>

  •  Participation in Foreign Seminar :

    Many of the Sangh's members of different positions have taken part in various international programmes and benefitted with rich experiences. Local level leaders (nos.20-22) of trade unions for the past 98 years are being benefitted by 5 days visit programmes organized in Koyambtur, Tamil Nadu, Lucknow and Kolkata of India. In the places, our friends have taken residential leadership training.   <more....>

  •  Support to Marty's:

    Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh distributed to the family of Pradyumma Khadka and Suraj Biswas who wre killed by the security force during the 2006 people Movement of the democracy the sum of American Dollar 2000 provided by ICFTU, Singapore in the initiative of Nepal Trade Union Congress independent <more....>

  •  Organize E-Rickshaw Driver 's:

    Nepal Yatayat Mazdoor Sangh (NETWON)  is working for the establishment of the union of E-Rickshaw drivers  ,  Nepal E-rikshaw Driver's Union , under its supervision and is organizing the different programs with the E- rickshaw drivers and forming working committees in different cities of Nepal. We are also running the Trade Union education program for the E- Rickshaw drivers in various cities. Many female drivers are also participating in the programs . We found many problems faced by the E-rikshaw drivers by running the union educational program like the lack of government  operating policies for E-Rickshaw, the drivers' lack of knowledge of traffic rules and more than enough registration of E-rickshaw by local administration. We are planning to solve the problems in the coming days.
    Union also develop the  too - " E-Rikshaw - Not the cause of , But the solution to Pollution "


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